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August 08, 2019 2 min read

With all the responsibilities of being a mom PLUS sports mom stuff, it can be hard to get a moment’s rest. However busy we may be, we always perform better when we’ve had some time to recharge. I know it’s not always easy, so I’ve put together a few low-cost ways to get some RnR in. I truly hope you’ll make some time in the next week to make on of these happen!

  • Coffee, tea, and a book to read. 
  • You probably have at least three or four books that you have been longing to read...you know, the ones that you picked up months ago and in the busyness of life never got through? One of the best ways to reduce some stress and anxiety is simply by reading a book, even within the first ten minutes of reading. So, go find that book, blow the dust off the cover and cruise on down to your local coffee shop and grab some coffee (or tea) and dive into those pages. 

  • Going to a Movie 
  • Movies are always a great option for getting away and for freeing the mind. Sitting in a dark theatre, munching on some popcorn and tuning into a film will not only allow you to turn off for a moment but also will take your mind into a world where you can laugh or cry and have the freedom to feel. (Plus matinees are so much cheaper). I know that childcare can also be an issue with something like this check out the solution below for an idea to help with that.

  • Kid swap
  • One of the best ways you can treat yourself is by giving yourself some alone time. A great way to do this is to find a fellow mom and set up a kid swap. Every so often (or even once a week if you can!) agree, for a certain period of time, to watch her kids and your kids. Then the follow time you swap, she’ll take all the kids and you get the free time. This has completely changed my week to week, and has been a huge help to relieving my “mom stress”. (You can even through in a third friend and then you get 2 weeks off.)

  • Go buy a new house plant 
  • Going on an adventure to find yourself a new green friend is wonderful way to get out of the house. Not to mention soak up the sun on a nature hunt. Bringing a plant into to your house will not only bring in some color but also fresh air and life into your home. If you are new to the plant realm I would suggest a succulent, a beautiful plant that is incredibly easy to take care of and typically only need to be watered once or twice a week! 

    These are our some of our suggestions for simple and cost-effective ways that you can treat yourself. Take some time this week to try out one of our suggestions and see for yourself! If you have any of your own suggestions of your favorite ways to treat yourself feel free to email us, we would love to hear from you!